I’m Noble

im-noble-logo“I’m Noble” is a campaign to support our community by educating consumers on the advantages of shopping local and encouraging them to do just that. For instance, did you know that If every household in Noble spent an extra $13 a month locally, it would add over $1/4 Million dollars to the Local economy? It doesn’t take much to make a substantial impact in the economy of Noble!

Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors, your friends and your family. They are a vital part of our community and money spent at those businesses stays substantially in our town. These dollars spent go to beautify and protect our community as well as provide jobs, support local charities and causes and fund extra curricular activities for our kids.

“I’m Noble” is about taking ownership of our community, to take pride in knowing that our community is more than just another town on the map. Noble is about our people, the business owners, the people we see everyday, the people we work with, go to church with, go to ballgames with. We make up this town we love. It’s with great pride that we can say, “I’m Noble!”

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